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Only a TDLR approved course can dismiss a ticket and, guess what, you found one!
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If you choose our video course, we make it easy to watch your ticket disappear!
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If your due date has snuck up on you, our express delivery options will get you to the court on time.
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To make it easy, our course/driving record combos will get you what the court wants all in one place.
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Dismiss Your Ticket the Easy Online Way

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Get a Ticket? We Can Help

It’s OK, tickets happen. Lucky for you, the state of Texas allows “do-overs” in the form of defensive driving. If you’ve done this before, you may have done it in a classroom, staring at your watch every thirty seconds wondering if it would ever be over. Fortunately, the state now allows drivers to take advantage of online courses. No more hunting for a driving school and being stuck to their schedule. Now you can choose a course that you can customize to fit yours.

How to Tell a Ticket Goodbye

So now you have a ticket and you want to get it gone. Step one is to secure permission from the court to take a ticket dismissal course. The next step is to make sure that the defensive driving course you choose has been state approved like this one has. Step three is, and this should come as no surprise, completing the course. This is where our courses make it easy. With us, you can work at the pace you choose and from the place you choose and you can complete the course on any internet-enabled device you might have handy

Defensive Driving Gets You More than Just Ticket Dismissal

We will be sending you two copies of your completion certificate as soon as you finish your course. The first one, of course, is for the court and the second one is for your insurance agent. Insurance companies often offer discounts for completing a defensive driving course. Many students tell us that the three-year savings they receive on their insurance is enough to cover the cost of the course and any court fees they incurred and even left them with money to spare. Who knew that getting a ticket could actually put money in your pocket?

Your Toughest Choice

The choice to take a defensive driving course is an easy one and we also hope that you'll choose to go with us. Your hardest decision may be in selecting which of our courses you would prefer to take. Our basic course combines humorous text and video, helping you to stay engaged while learning all the things the state wants you to know. On the other hand, you may decide to treat yourself to our all new all video course that makes dismissing a ticket as easy as watching TV. Both courses offered the same any time, any place convenience and flexibility and you won’t find a final exam after either one. Consider your learning style or flip a coin. Either way you’ll have a great time and that ticket will be gone before you know it.
Does $25 get me everything I need?
Our guaranteed low price of $25 includes our basic course, two certificates and free standard delivery via USPS. Just as with buying a car, we do offer some “optional equipment” to make the ride more enjoyable, but the choice to get them is entirely up to you.
How long does it take to finish the course?
The state of Texas requires that all defensive driving courses be six hours in length. While you can choose to power through it in one sitting, the biggest advantage of online is that you can break it into pieces that you can custom fit into your busy schedule.
Do I have to finish the course on the same device that I started on?
Absolutely not! Our autosave feature allows you to start on your computer, curl up on the couch with your tablet or work on your smartphone while waiting in line at the bank. The course really can be completed at your own pace and at your own place, wherever that place happens to be.
When can I expect my certificate?
As soon as you complete the course, our Fort Worth office will process your certificate. Finish your course by 3 PM and they will stick it in the mail that same day. If you’re court date is coming up faster than your mailman can run, we offer overnight and two-day express delivery, or you can choose to print your certificate as soon as your done!
What if I need help during the course?
Don’t worry, we don’t want to see anything slow you down. We are here for you, just a phone call, text, or email away.

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